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Support for replacement of NW proxy system

Manufacturer・Trading company SI manufacturing company

Design and construction of the NW configuration, security measures, and post-construction testing. A secure NW environment was established, contributing to the realization of remote work.

Project to build a core system and production management system

Manufacturer・Trading company IT manufacturing company

With the objective of project management of system renewal due to ageing, we managed the entire project and promoted the resolution of individual issues, as well as multi-vendor control. The project was successful in catching up the schedule delays and cost overruns that had existed at the beginning of the project.

EC site construction project

Finance・Insurance IT insurance company

For the purpose of project management for the construction of EC sites, we promoted the resolution of individual issues, formulated project plans, and managed projects through the PDCA cycle. By visualizing the project status and resolving issues and problems, the project was promoted smoothly and the release was achieved within the planned schedule.

BPR support through the introduction of IoT

Manufacturer・Trading company IT manufacturing company

In order to improve business processes with the eventual introduction of IoT in sight, we identified and visualized existing operations, defined new business flows and processes, and renovated the quality management system. A significant reduction in the waste of current operations had been achieved.

Strategic planning for the launch of a sharing service

IT・Communication・Internet Strategy software company

In order to build an alliance model for the launch of a new business, we developed a business model, supported the development of alliance strategies and negotiations, and designed the user experience. The company negotiated with an alliance partner and helped to achieve the launch of the service.

Market strategy planning for new products

Distribution・Retail・Service Strategy food company

Proposed, analyzed, and improved marketing and promotional activities to expand sales of new products and managed QCD for projects. The ability to quantitatively analyze marketing effects contributed to the establishment of a management system (PDCA).

PDM system construction project

Manufacturer・Trading company SI automobile company

Participated in the development of the PDM system as a team in order to realize the issues and requirements of the current system. We carried out the entire process from requirement definition to production switchover (system requirement definition, basic design, detailed design, manufacturing and construction, testing, release, and migration).

Project management support (PMO) for accounting system renewal

Manufacturer・Trading company IT manufacturing company

In addition to the overall project management work, we improved operational efficiency by reviewing requirement definition, research, verification, development processes, quality control processes, and by reducing the workload of the PM by acting as PMO for the PM's overall regular administrative work, and by continuing to review business processes to establish improvement activities.

Project management support (PMO) for renewal of mission-critical systems

Finance・Insurance IT brokerage firm

As a PMO, we worked with the PM, PL/TL, and vendors to build a relationship of trust between the three parties, and provided support as an alternative to the client on a large-scale project.

Management support for the design and development of business core system renewal

Government offices・Education IT special corporation

In order to improve the quality of specification adjustment and problem-solving, as well as to stably and efficiently advance the project, we supported the management of the basic design process and development process, including the operation and progress of meetings and the confirmation of the fulfillment of requirements related to deliverables.

System release and project management support

Finance・Insurance IT credit card company

In order to solve the problems of the current infastructure system, we built an next generation system, introduced SSO certification, and acquired PCIDSS certification. The project itself, along with progress and issue management, deliverable review, and vendor coordination, contributed to the promotion of the system renewal.

Support for broadcast security measures

Mass media・Media IT broadcasting company

With the expansion of digital services of the broadcasting industry, we conducted a survey of the existing system to understand the current status of the next generation of security measures against the background of the increasing risks on the Internet. Specifically, a high-level network diagram was created for the entire company and an asset management ledger was created for the system. In addition to assessing the current state of affairs, the company promoted new security measures by designing a digital TOC, managing personal data with thorough protection of personal information and privacy, and developing security guidelines to improve internal literacy.

Cyber Security Governance Establishment Support (Global)

Manufacturer・Trading company Business manufacturing company

In response to the increasing importance of information security measures such as cyber-attacks, in order to maintain business credibility and fulfill our social responsibility, we established a well-controlled ISMS autonomous operation system at global sites, implemented a security education program to improve internal literacy, instilled awareness within the company of the IT age, and obtained ISO27001 certification to show external credibility. In addition, we have established an information asset management system that complies with GDPR, PDPA, and other laws and regulations in the global era, and contributed to the establishment of an information security management system that is comparable to that of IT companies.

GDPR Compliance Support (Global)

Transportation・Logistics Business logistics company

The GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation), the law on the processing and transfer of personal data, came into force on May 25, 2018, requiring appropriate measures due to the huge amount of penalties in the event of a breach (up to 4% of global turnover). Organized the whereabouts and flow of personal data in European operations, visualized GDPR non-compliances and situations, analyzed risks and developed countermeasures in those non-compliances, developed a medium-term response plan, and prepared documentation to ensure accountability to the European Supervisory Body. In order to provide global support, we used English at all times and facilitated communication with our European subsidiaries, contributing to the success of the project.

Workplace reform using RPA

Mass media・Media IT advertising company

In order to reduce the amount of workload, we conducted interviews regarding existing operational flows, organized RPA targets, selected RPA targets based on the amount of workload and difficulty level of RPA implementation, created operational flows before and after RPA implementation, and implemented RPA from construction to implementation. In addition to RPA, we also used BPR and other IT technologies to broaden the scope of the work style reform that was identified at the time of the hearing. It has contributed to a significant reduction in overall workload.

IT Platform Sales Strategy

Manufacturer・Trading company Strategy manufacturing company

In order to build trust with our clients, we surveyed the current status of the IT platform's business policies, objectives, and organizational structure, created points for applying the concept of UX and design thinking to IT platform services, created strengths through the extraction of As-Is, and formulated specific activity plans and schedules. The expansion of specialties and quality improvement from the accumulation of results contributed to overall sales growth.

Support for new business start-up using AI

Manufacturer・Trading company Strategy manufacturing company

The shift to RPA for clerical work is heating up, but when paper forms are the source of information, the input work is still done by human hands. In order to solve this problem, with the aim of developing a character recognition service using AI, we surveyed the business processes and forms used by each industry, selected target industries, surveyed competing products, and summarized the survey results in a report to our clients. It has contributed to the smooth launch of new businesses.

Support for strategic planning and implementation of alliances

IT・Communication・Internet Strategy information and communications company

With the aim of implementing cashlessness, a major social issue in Japanese society, we developed business strategies, sales measures, channel development, and business flows for our alliance partners and other major food, beverage, retail, and service industries. Within a few years of the implementation of the measures, the number of sites and profits increased tenfold, contributing to the development of a cashless society in Japan.

Supporting the creation of account management systems

IT・Communication・Internet Business telecommunications carrier

In order to help build a foundation that will enable us to continuously increase sales to large clients, we managed the status of each project to clarify the timing of orders, operation and inspection, managed the operation status of each member, reallocated personnel using the system resource map, and grasped the current location based on the prospect list and the target and achievement rate. Established an account management system that helped the company achieve its sales target.

Strategic support for the creation of next-generation offices

Construction・Real estate Strategy real estate company

With the aim of creating next-generation offices with high added value by combining near-future IT technology, differentiating ourselves from our competitors and strengthening our competitiveness, we studied next-generation workplaces that meet tenant needs, conducted future analysis based on the internal and external environments, formulated strategies from the overall framework, including competitive analysis, and conducted experiments to verify measures and develop measures for other companies' buildings. We supported the development of smart buildings to increase the added value of existing buildings and to meet the needs of tenants involved in new developments.

Support for digitization promotion using AI-OCR

Finance・Insurance IT insurance company

Implemented project management for the introduction of AI-OCR functions in the Systems Division with the aim of improving the value of the customer's experience through the use of digital technology, digitizing business processes, and improving business productivity. Reduce the burden of manual entry of document information by reducing the paper exchange as much as possible. In addition, the time lag for sharing materials was greatly reduced.

Systematization of activity/travel expense management and project management support

Government offices・Education IT public interest corporation

Although there was a code for managing travel expenses for activities, the level of compliance with the code was low in each prefecture, with the aim of strengthening governance, we conducted a comprehensive survey of the actual situation and identified problems, considered systematic solutions, supported systematization, and implemented nationwide. In line with the systemization, a large amount of paper operation was abolished and paperless was realized, and the systemization contributed to a reduction of about 200 hours of work time per month.