Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About application and selection

Q. How long does it take from the resume screening process until the job offer is made?

It depends on the candidate, but typically it takes around one to two weeks.

Q. What is the selection process?

It is as follows.

After the resume/documentation screening, there will be one or two interviews, and a decision is made shortly after.

Q. I don't have any consulting experience, can I apply?

Consulting experience is not required.

If you have IT skills and deep industry expertise and want to become a consultant, you are welcome to apply.

Q. What kind of person is suited to be a strategy consultant?

The ability to think logically, communicate well, speed is an essential quality/skill.

In addition to creativity, they are required to have the overall human ability to successfully carry out unprecedented changes.

Q. Is there an age limit?

There are no clear limits.

You will be judged based on your previous experience and skills.

About the Corporate Culture

Q. Is there a connection between the top, bottom and side?

At Vision Consulting, we have a mentor for each and every one of you. This is an environment where you can consult not only about your career plan and work, but also about your private life.

Mentors have an ongoing relationship, regardless of the project, so you can build a rich relationship with other employees.

Q. Is there an environment that allows for employee input at Vision Consulting?

Absolutely. At Vision Consulting, our motto is to "Run with Everyone". We have a corporate culture where all employees are welcome to freely express their opinions regardless of their position.

Q. How much overtime and weekend work do you have to do?

Basically, there is not much overtime work involved.

However, due to the nature of the work being project-by-project basis, there are variances between busy periods and relatively lean periods. In some cases, such as when delivery of deliverables is near, you may work on weekends or late at night. On the other hand, it is also possible to take long paid holidays in between projects.

About the assignment

Q. How are the assignments to projects determined?

Assignments will be made after considering the needs and desired career path of the individual.

Q. Do you have an overseas assignment?

The place of work is typically in Japan.

However, there are also opportunities to work overseas when customers are expanding to other countries.

Q. How much travel is required?

We work mostly in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

This is because most of our clients in Japan are headquartered in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

However, in the case of support for customers based in a regional city, you may be asked to work in a regional office.

About the Training System

Q. What kind of training systems are there in place?

There is a variety of training available.

See below for more information.

Training and Career System

Q. I'd like to be a training instructor, but is it possible?

It is possible.

See below for more information.

Training and Career System

About the Evaluation System

Q. How is the employee evaluatuion conducted?

You will be evaluated in accordance with the Personnel Evaluation System based on competency evaluation.

・As your performance improves, so does your evaluation.

・Evaluated on the basis of merit regardless of year.

Q. When is salary renegotiated?

Salary renegotiation takes place every year in May.

About Human Resources

Q. What about the leave system?

It is as follows.

- Two days off per week.

- National holiday

- New Year's holidays

- Summer and winter holidays

- Annual paid leave (10 days in the first year)

- Marriage leave

- Childcare leave and maternity leave

- Maternity leave for spouses, etc.

Q. Is it possible to move between groups after joining the company?

You can be transferred if you have the right skills.

Q. Tell me about your benefits.

We have a full range of social insurance and other systems in place.

For more information, please refer to the recruitment guidelines for new graduates and experienced candidates (see below).

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