Mid-career hiring

Vision Consulting is hiring for the following positions.

1. management consultant (strategy, business, IT, PMO support)

2. technology engineer (mainly to support SI area)

3. new business member (Business Planning or Tech Lead Engineer/Programmer)

As for the consultant position (*1), we welcome those who have been programmers or system engineers and want to become a consultant.

We welcome applications from people who are not satisfied with the current situation and are looking for further growth.

The kind of individuals we're looking for


Sense of speed

In everything we do, Vision Consulting emphasizes speed. We believe that by always acting at the fastest pace, we can improve customer satisfaction, maximize sales, and grow the company and ourselves. At Vision Consulting, we are looking for speedy people who can "think quickly and act quickly.



In today's society, where markets and environments are changing at a rapid rate, we are faced with numerous new challenges and are expected to solve them on our own. At Vision Consulting, we are looking for people who can take action to solve problems and solve them quickly by themselves.


Spirit of challenge

At Vision Consulting, there is an environment where you can take on any challenge regardless of age, gender or experience. Keeping up the challenge will lead to personal growth. Someone who can take an interest in anything and put it into action. At Vision Consulting, we are looking for people who are not satisfied with the status quo, but those who are always aware of problems and willing to take on challenges.

Selection process

Speedy selection that no other company can match

Based on data from tens of thousands of times in the past, we have succeeded in subdividing and clarifying the criteria of who is and who is not a good fit for our company.

As a result, the system makes it difficult for CX (Candidate Experience) to decline, where a candidate has to forgo a job offer even though he or she has interviewed many times. 




Resume/Document Screening


First Interview



Basically, we will conduct multiple interviews, but there are times when we can make a job offer after only one interview.

If you wish to have more than one interview, you can consult with us.

See training and career systems

Here are some of Vision Consulting's training and career systems.

Open Positions


Consulting Positions

Consulting & IT Business Department Consulting Department
  • Strategic consulting
  • Business consulting
  • IT consulting
  • PMOetc.

Technology Engineer Positions

Consulting & IT Division Technology Department
  • Project Management
  • Requirement Definition and Design
  • Production
  • Testetc.

New Business Service Development Position

New Business Development Promotion Department
  • New Business Planning
  • System Design
  • Production
  • Testetc.

Consulting Positions

We are looking for Strategy Consultants, Operations Consultants, IT Consultants and PMO's to join our team.

Programmers, Systems Engineers that aspire to become consultants are also welcome.

We welcome applications from people who are not satisfied with the current situation and are looking for further growth.

The main duties of an intern




  • Corporate and Business Strategy
  • New business start-up
  • Market Research and Analysis


  • Operational Reform and Design
  • BPR and Operational Improvement
  • PMO support


  • IT Strategy Development
  • Systematization Planning
  • Security measures




  • Pre-Sales
  • Requirement Definition and Design
  • System Development and Introduction

Vision Consulting is a 'full-service firm' that handles everything from strategy to execution.

From the planning of management and business strategies to corporate transformation through IT, we support the enhancement of corporate value by providing consulting services that contribute to the solution of each client's individual problems, without being trapped in a specific domain of existing solutions.

Technology Engineer Positions

Demand for engineers has been increasing and we have created a new technology department to best respond to customer requirements. We are looking for an experienced engineer to join our team.

The main duties of an intern


Requirement Definition

  • Research and Analysis.
  • Development Plan


  • External Design
  • Internal Design


  • Programming
  • Manufacturing and Construction


  • Unit Test
  • Intergration Test


  • Release
  • Monitoring and Maintenance

Project Management

  • Progress, Personnel Costs, Organization, Quality Control, etc.

Mainly upstream processes, but there will be involvement in downstream processes such as programming.

New Business Service Development Position

The New Business Development Division is working to develop a service that is one of the first of its kind in Japan, which we believe will revolutionize the business practices of BtoB business environment.

Compared to the toC industry, the toB industry still has many manpower dependent and analogue areas such as sales activities, recruitment activities, and organizational management activities, and the fact is that we are not seeing innovative services in these areas. As a leading Japanese company in the toB industry, our mission/duty is to develop services that will change the business practices of the toB business environment.

First of all, we are focusing on "sales operations (commercial transactions)", "recruitment operations", and "human resources operations", which are the foundations of a company, and we are working on developing a platform to which will automate all these activities.

In order to make this a reality, we require the help of talented engineers to help us shape the unforeseeable future.

Position and Main Duties/Responsibilities

Service Planner / Business Designer

As a member of the New Business Development Department, you will be responsible for "Business Process Organization and Redesign", "Business Planning" and "Project Planning for systematization" in each business function.

Tech Lead Engineer (System Design)

As a member of the New Business Development Department, you will be responsible for defining system requirements for new services.

In this role, you will lead Application Engineers and design and develop the applications (in an agile development process).

If your skills are recognized, you will have opportunities to be involved in other difficult service planning and business design.

A Tech Lead Engineer is an engineer with a high level skillset who can lead a team with their technical ability.

Application Engineer

As a member of the New Business Development Department, you will responsible for the development of new services.

You will work on design and development based on the system requirements devised by the "Tech Lead Engineer" (through an agile development process).

If your skills are recognized, you may be able to take on more challenging tech lead positions (system planning, requirement definition, etc.).

Infrastructure Engineer

As a member of the New Business Development Department, you will be responsible for developing new services.

Build/develop infrastructure for new services while working with "Tech Lead Engineers".

You will be responsible for the infrastructure, including requirements definition, design, construction, operation and maintenance (through agile development).

As a premise, we develop using public cloud (GCP).

SET(Software Engineer in Test)

We are looking forward to working with you in the SET position at companies such as Google and Mercari.

You will be responsible for creating and executing test automation based on knowledge of test automation frameworks (Selenium, Appium, Cypress, TestCafe, etc.).

This is a position where you will have potential to do a wide range of work with discretion (this is an agile development position), as you may be responsible for system design and development in general as the need arises.

Even if you have no previous SET experience, you are welcome to apply if you have a strong interest in overall development and are willing to improve your skills.

What Vision Consulting's New Business Development Division can offer you that no other companies can.

The overwhelming "excellent colleagues"

Our existing team of talented engineers are waiting for you to join them.

With a diverse group of tech leads with experience at major consulting and foreign tech firms, we belive you will feel right at home.

An environment where your voices and opinions are heard

Your opinions will be heard and taken into consideration in terms of the overall development policy.

Of course, we maximize performance by offering a high degree flexibility in terms of remote work, work hours, and dress code.

An overwhelming sense of fulfillment.

You will have a chance to change the world as we know it, by being a part of the highly challenging development process of the world's first and unique service that everyone would want to be a part of.

Challenging work awaits you every day.