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At Vision Consulting, we believe that the growth of our employees is in the best interest of the company. For this reason, we have spent the first five to six years of the company's existence enhancing our training system.

We provide more than a dozen types of training (consulting training, problem-solving training, etc.) and one-on-one" training not available at major companies for consultants, which is specifically tailored to the abilities and proficiency levels of each individual. Even inexperienced employees can become play an active role in the workplace.

Typical Training Programs


Consulting Training

Regularly hold training sessions that can be used immediately at the project site

  • Communication Skills
  • Management Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Self-branding
  • AsIs-ToBe Analysis
  • Logical Thinking
  • Design Thinking
  • Document Creation Skills
  • Industry Knowledge
  • etc.
  • Consulting training was held on the theme of active projects.
  • Even if you are inexperienced in the industry, you will be able to gain experiences that can immediately translate to your practical skills
  • Unique training programs such as self-branding training and design thinking training are also available.

Base Skills Training

Improve the basic skills you need as a Consultant and Businessman

  • Communication Skills
  • Problem-Solving Thinking
  • PC skills
  • Document Creation Skills
  • Logical Thinking
  • Business Etiquette (for new graduates)
  • etc.
  • Visualization of each capability based on data analysis
  • Individualized training according to individual abilities
  • Emphasis on output to establish skills


Project Assignment

Assignment to the most suitable project based on your preference (area of study, knowledge, industry, etc.), experience and career path.

The fastest way to improve your skills is not only through classroom learning, but also through hands-on experience.

  • The fastest way to improve your skills is not only through classroom learning, but also through hands-on experience.
  • etc.
  • A wide range of customers, without relying on a small number of customers, allows for a highly flexible career path.
  • Can participate in a variety of projects, as there are no industry or solution cuts.

We also offer a variety of other training programs.

Training Lecturer System

Vision Consulting allows anyone to become a training instructor.

Become a training instructor in your area of expertise and pass on your know-how and skills to other employees.

By outputting your own knowledge, it is possible to elevate it to a more robust and deeper knowledge.

Furthermore, by contributing to the development of others, you will be subject to a higher rating, and you can step up to a higher rank.

Diverse Career Development

Introduced a "pool system" which is rare in the industry

At Vision Consulting, we have a pooled system, A pooled system is a system that allows you to change your industry, practice, and consulting phase on a project basis. In most other firms, divisions are divided by industry or phase. As a result, it is relatively difficult to gain the knowledge and experience you want to gain at other companies because you may have to transfer to other departments or change companies entirely for career development opportunities.

At Vision Consulting, we have introduced a pooling system that allows all employees to form their careers as quickly as possible, so that they can grow on Vision Consulting alone. In addition, those who want to start a business or become business owners in the future can be involved in the management side of the company.

Example of a pool system

  • First year
  • Second year
    Financial Industry
  • Third year
  • First year
    IT consulting
  • Second year
    Business consulting
  • Third year
    Strategic consulting