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  • With the progress of financial deregulation, financial institutions are competing in flat markets because of globalization, sophistication of financial technology, regulatory compliance, and industry restructuring

    Banks, financial securities firms, insurance firms and asset management firms need to improve the quality of their profits and contribute to shareholders and customers.

    Vision Consulting has expertise in financial services regarding with IT planning, system implementation and technology, as well as growth strategies, business reforms and alliance strategies. We support you to meet a wide range of customer needs.

Cases of Project in Finance Field

  • Planning and executing support for IT cost reduction
  • Formulation of IT grand design
  • Supporting new business launch(operation, organization, human resources, system)
  • Launch of contact center/support for integration efficiency
  • Improvement of accounting and financial closing processes
  • Implementing IFRS
  • Conducting executive training sessions
  • Post-Merger Integration: Integration support after mergers and acquisitions
  • Formulation of management and business strategy
  • Strategic alliance (narrowing down a target, execution support, introducing system, PMO)
  • Growth strategy (Reviewing business portfolio, investment strategy etc…)
  • Internal control & Regulatory services
  • Support for upgrading risk management
  • Support for upgrading stress test
  • Dealing with FATCA services
  • Enhancement of governance, risk management and compliance



  • The projects demanded by governments and public institutions changes over time.

    There are needs for internal and external responses due to external changes in population, financial issues, the global environment, as well as efficiency and rationalization within organizations.

    Vision Consulting will provide services to various organizations such as central government offices, independent administrative agencies, local governments, affiliated organizations, special corporations, third sector, and non-profit organizations, making use of the preserved knowledge.

Cases of Projects in Public Field

  • Support for introduction of Individual Number (ID number issued to all citizens and residents of Japan used for taxation, social security and disaster response purposes).
  • Supporting system development projects regarding the introduction of Individual number.
    (ID number issued to all citizens and residents of Japan used for taxation, social security and disaster response purposes).
  • System infrastructure construction support
  • Data center construction support
  • Business process and organizational reform
  • Formulation of BCP and BCA, education support
  • Post-Merger Integration: Integration support after mergers and acquisitions
  • Assessment for cost and resource optimization support
  • Business strategy construction support
  • Overseas research
  • Business diagnostics for large-scale facilities
  • Improving profitability of consumer facilities
  • Management improvement and support for management form review
  • PPP (Public-Private Partnership) PFI (Private Finance Initiative), privatization support (public institutions)
  • Investigating the feasibility of introducing a market test and formulation of introduction plan for counter service of A city

Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical and Life Science

  • While the pharmaceutical demand is expected to increase with aging and improvement of economic power in growing countries, there are requests of responding to increasing difficulty of drug discovery, tightening of regulations, higher costs, and globalization.
    Companies are looking for ways to dramatically increase their productivity of R & D, sales and marketing, while providing transparency to regulators, medical expense payers, healthcare professionals and patients.

Project theme in the field of Pharmaceutical and Life Science

  • IFRS conversion support
  • R & D strategy of Pharmaceutical and medical device
  • Domestic and global new product launch strategy
  • Strategy of strengthening generic drug business
  • Strengthen pharmacovigilance system
  • Global quality assurance system strengthening
  • Strategy of optimization global production system
  • Responding to changes in the regional disease portfolio at healthcare institutions
  • Strategy for strengthening medical care areas
  • Medical IT business strategy

Transport and Logistics

Transport and Logistics

  • Currently, the transportation/ logistics industry is required a new growth strategy dealing with global competition, activating M & A, and new entries due to deregulation.

    Vision Consulting provide comprehensive supports for companies in the transportation and logistics industry that faces challenges such as expanding into Asia and emerging countries, aggressively conducting M & A, further reducing costs through the realization of group management and human resource development dealing with globalization.

Cases of Projects in Transport and Logistics Field

  • Strategy for senior customer
  • HR productivity reform
  • Mid-to-long term needs identification and vision formulation
  • Searching and launching new businesses
  • Internal control and internal audit
  • Group business management
  • Support for developing countries

Consumer goods and retail

Consumer goods and retail

  • We support product development, proposal of new services, business model innovation, business process improvement, etc.
    We also propose strategies to maximize the effects under the theme of “innovation” so that you can continue to be selected by consumers.

Cases of Projects in Consumer goods and Retail Field

  • Product / Marketing Strategy
  • Promotional expenses management
  • Sales reform
  • Business process improvement to provide low cost and high-quality services
  • Formulation of management plan for restaurant business companies
  • Strengthening of business promotion for women
  • Improving the whole company productivity in the beauty industry
  • FC constructions for food and beverage business



  • For technology companies, the boundaries of the “technological industry” are becoming vaguer than ever because of intensifying competition for market acquisition mainly in emerging countries and the entry into wearables of other industries. The roles of existing technology companies are also changing.
    Under such a situation, the key to become a leader in the industry is to provide the experiences which each customer wants in a flexible and agile manner through the development of products and services.

    In order to become a leader in the technology industry, it is necessary to create organizations and systems but also maintain the production of innovative products and services to provide the experiences that customers want. Organizational restructuring on a global scale, human resource management, R & D management, and business optimization are required.

Cases of Projects in Technology Field

  • Value chain optimization
  • Group business management
  • Group reorganization / revitalization
  • Post-Merger Integration (PMI)
  • Global human resources management
  • M&A
  • Business IT strategy
  • Strategic systemization plan

Media/Communication/High TechnologyAutomobileConstructionEducation

Media・Communication・High technology

Media/Communication/High Technology

  • Today, markets in the media, communication and high-tech industries are expanding around the world. In this industry, the environment such as technological evolution, globalization, and business structure has changed dramatically, and strategic transformation (corporate structural reform) is now required.

    Increasing sales, creating new services, managing costs and taking measures against risks are listed as specific issues.

    Vision Consulting provides consistent services such as introduction of core/enterprise systems, support for restructuring, formulation of business strategies, and process improvement so that customers can respond to issues.

Cases of Projects in Media/Communication/High Technology Field

  • Formulation of system optimization planning
  • TCO reduction project support
  • Network and infrastructure construction support
  • Project management (PM, PMO)
  • Industry market research
  • Supports of management accounting and systematization requirement definition
  • Corporate structural reform (transformation)
  • Reviewing growth strategy
  • Alliance strategy (target selection, deputizing negotiation, execution support, system introduction)
  • Emerging markets capture
  • Strengthen the cost structure of back office functions such as accounting, finance, and human resources
  • Support business structure reform / review business portfolio
  • Business development in global markets
  • Realizing growth strategies through M & A and alliances



  • The automotive industry is facing an ever-increasing structural change, with globalization accelerating due to emerging markets and business integration. There are four major issues: responding to globalization (environmental change), creating new business models, rebuilding brand strategies, and reducing procurement costs.

    We, Vision Consulting, provide consistent services from system construction, market research, strategy planning, to organizational restructuring

Cases of Projects in the Automotive Field

  • System integration following mergers and acquisitions
  • Review brand definition and business process
  • Feasibility assessment for cost reduction
  • Alliance strategy
  • Sales strategy formulation
  • Marketing strategy
  • Post-Merger Integration: Integration support after mergers and acquisitions
  • Channel consolidation and channel strategy formulation
  • Sales network strategy
  • After-sales strategy
  • EV strategy



  • The domestic construction market has been declining steadily for both government and private works, and competition is intensifying.
    While it is necessary to build a corporate structure that can withstand changes in the market environment and system, such as comprehensive evaluation measures and cost reduction, it is also necessary to ensure that the maintenance and maintenance (repair) market, which is a promising field in the future, will be incorporated as future direction.

    In recent years, construction demand has been increasing, especially in emerging countries, and overseas strategies have become an important key.

Cases of Projects in Construction Field

  • Strengthening of internal system for stock listing
  • Strengthening marketing & sales capabilities
  • CS improvement projects
  • Improving operational efficiency of production process
  • Formulation of personnel evaluation system
  • Operation improvement
  • Execution support and implementation of profit improvement measures
  • Formulation of management strategy



  • We provide a performance evaluation system based on a balanced scorecard that incorporates, students and professionals as customers, and provide training on evaluation to establish the evaluation system in the organization and make the monitoring cycle work. Through these efforts, we provide supports to survive the harsh environment of the era of declining birthrate and full enrollment and make further progress.

Cases of Projects in Education Field

  • Construction of recruitment business flow
  • CS improvement project
  • Strengthen branding for consumers
  • Construction of personnel evaluation system
  • Business restructuring for university management using educational information
  • Introduction of researcher database
  • Introduce awareness-raising program for faculty and staff
  • Asset evaluation and management support at private universities