Vision Consulting offers two main services: consulting and new business.

Business Description

Consulting services

We support the enhancement of corporate value by deriving the best feasible measures according to each client's situation, such as "formulation of management and business strategies," "realization of business processes," and "IT solutions that do not stick to a specific package.

Consulting Service Details
New business

In particular, we will focus on areas that have a high social contribution significance, and take on the challenge of "new businesses that are full of appeal that no others have ever challenged before. We will develop the business with the aim to launching the service to the entire world.

New Business Development Details

One-stop solution

In regards to our consulting services, we adapt to all phases, from strategy planning to development and operation, and provide a full range of services. Our services are not limited to specific areas or off-the-shelf solutions, but we focus on solving the issues that our customers truly need.