Consulting services

Consulting services

Strategic consulting

Strategic planning that emphasizes execution, not impractical proposition

  • Corporate and Business Strategy
  • Management Strategy
  • New business start-up
  • Overseas Expansionetc.
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Business consulting

Maximizing the corporate value of customers by considering the balance between "overall optimization" and "partial optimization" of business processes.

  • Support for Operational Reform
  • Personnel and organizational reform
  • Internal control
  • PMO supportetc.
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IT consulting

Support the proposal and execution of IT solutions that are truly valuable to customers without being confined to a single package solution.

  • IT implementation planning
  • Security measures
  • CIO Support
  • PMO supportetc.
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System integration

Realize customer requirements with industry-savvy SI professionals

  • System architect
  • Application and infrastructure design - development and testing support
  • Development Team Leadetc.
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Strategic consulting


Vision Consulting will draw up practical strategy to offer thorough and responsible services to our customers until the perfect results are achieved.

Main Services

Corporate and Business Strategy

We support formulation of suitable business strategic planning by transpiring clear business model and clarifying organizational value that differentiates from the competitors.

Global Project

We lead clients towards success on global projects applying our experienced consultants and proven scheme without language and cultural barrier.

Marketing Strategy Formulation

We help clients formulate suitable marketing model and method by defining clear vision, mission and target. Clarification of current business challenges on marketing will be supported as well.

Strategic Risk Management

We widely manage clients’ business risks that occurs in organizational project, such as corporate investment, business corporation or M&A, to operational risk management which relates to daily work of sales, procurement and so on.

Alliance Strategy Formulation

We formulate suitable and synergizing alliance strategy to help clients put it to planning and implementation without corporate barrier.

New business start-up

We support the realization of new businesses by speedily advancing the entire process of new business conceptualization, planning, evaluation, hypothesis testing, PoC, commercialization and growth.

IT strategy formulation

We support the formulation, planning, and implementation of IT strategies, taking consistency into account with management strategies, competitors and advanced initiatives in other industries.

Business consulting


Business Process is the most important knowledge and also the know-how that is prominently describes a company’s business model. We, Vision Consulting, offer the possible service, that maximizes our client’s value. The balance between an “Overall Optimization” and “Partial Optimization” is considered rather than just a simple introduction of an IT package system.

Main Services

Support for Operational Reform

We support developing efficient and transparent business process and smooth transition by promoting standardization and centralization of business processes, and with a view to outsourcing and IT utilization.

HR and organizational reform support

We offer a comprehensive support for human resource management strategies, organizational design and governance, labor cost optimization and employment adjustment, personnel systems, pensions and retirement benefits, executive compensation, next-generation leader development and succession management.

Internal control

We evaluate and analyze the current situation of the company, and support all processes from response policy planning, risk analysis, documentation, testing, and business improvement from both business and IT perspectives.

RFP creation support

We support the creation of an RFP document, the first challenge in developing a system, while at the same time managing the appropriate vendor selection process and supporting overall procurement activities.

Supply chain management

We support the construction of an optimal supply chain for your company by providing consistent services from strategy formulation to business process reform, IT system introduction, establishment and operation, and appropriate change management.

PMO support

We support the execution of PMO operation that realizes cost, quality, schedule management and operation management across multiple projects in business and IT projects.

Company-Level Cost Reduction

We support clients with identification improvement opportunities by implementing company level hearing and analysis with our knowledge of business improvement.

IT consulting


New business models, such as innovation and deregulation, will be supported by IT. Vision Consulting’s IT consulting does not only provide business support for IT purposes, but also creates a flow of management and IT, and seamlessly supports the adoption of IT for strategy realization.

Main Services

IT implementation planning

For realization of business policy, we offer a wide range of support from formulation to implementation which covers “Formulation of IT Roadmap”, “Analysis of IT ROI”, “RFP Formulation”, “Business Information Resource Mapping” and “Current System Evaluation”.

IT Governance / Standardization

We support the establishment of IT governance, IT operation, business/technical standardization, and management processes.

IT program / project management support

We support the execution of PMO operation that realizes cost, quality, delivery date management in IT projects, and operation management across multiple projects.

CIO Support

Offers a wide range of menus, including creation of new services using IT, IT grand design, and strengthening IT organizations and human resources. An experienced team with expertise will continue to work on problem solving from the perspective of the customer’s information systems department.

System implantation support

We support new system construction and introduction of individual solutions such as ERP, BI, CTI, and OCR.

PMO support

We support the execution of PMO operation that realizes cost, quality, schedule management and operation management across multiple projects in business and IT projects.

Support for security measures

In addition to technical security measures, we support operations by establishing a security management system that recognizes risks, sets the level of importance for those risks, and monitors and improves after the measures are implemented.

System integration


At Vision Consulting, industry experienced professionals and system integration professionals will offer the best proposals for your company.

Main Services

System architect

We support the upstream process such as analysis and design of the target business in system development.

Application and infrastructure design - development and testing support

We support the entire architecture planning, requirement definition, design, construction, and operation from the viewpoint of each software such as system replacement and integration, NW, OS, and DB.

Development Team Lead

We support your development team to succeed by utilizing "advanced IT literacy", "team leadership skills" and "management skills".