New business

What we are aiming to achieve.

To be one of the first firms in Japan to revolutionize the business practices of the BtoB environment.

GAFA and other foreign technology companies (mainly in the realm of toC) have made it possible for consumers to buy and share what they want, whenever they want it, without having to physically go to the sellers.

On the other hand, in the toB industry, there are still many analog areas such as sales, recruiting, and organizational management activities, and the reality is that not many innovative services have been developed.

As a leading Japanese company in the toB industry, our mission is to develop services that will change the business practices of the toB business environment.

First of all, we are working on the development of a platform that automates sales activities, focusing on "business transactions" which is the foundation of all if not most companies.

After that, we aim to reform all the operations that are essential for corporate management, such as recruitment and human resources management, utlimately redefining the toB industry itself.

In order to make this a reality, we require the help of talented engineers to help us shape the unforeseeable future.

Platform development


We will make full use of cutting-edge technology to create completely new services that have never been offered before.

Main Services

1-click to be contracted with the consultant you desire

・Skills map and video to understand the person of the consultant

・You can order and receive orders through the entire process without going through sales.

Automate your interviewing process

・Successfully reduced the work hours of the recruiting team by utilizing the system internally.

・In the future, AI-based interviewing will be realized, and we are improving it every day in China and Japan for external sales.