New business

What we are aiming to achieve.

Combining multiple advanced technologies to provide
new value to the world

Currently, advanced technologies such as AI have been put into practical use, and significant reforms are taking place all over the world. Significant reforms, such as digital transformation, have made the world more convenient.

On the other hand,the fact is that the combination of multiple advanced technologies has not made much progress yet.Since the expertise required for each advanced technology is high, it is difficult to develop T-type human resources and H-type human resources that connect multiple advanced technologies. For example, in order to prevent global warming, we will need to connect the advanced technology of materials x the advanced technology of manufacturing x IoT sensor x AI if we aim to reduce the cost and efficiency of solar cells.

Therefore,we believe that "combining multiple advanced technologies to provide new value to the world" is our mission.

First, we will focus on all the inconveniences that remain in the world.

We aim toeliminate inconvenience by using a combination of multiple advanced technologies as a clue.

In this way, we will achieve our vision of "Making the world better through innovation". To do so, we need someone like you who is interested in a wide range of fields, greedily learns all the advanced technologies, and continues to be passionate about making the world more convenient.

Let's have a passion together and open up a future we haven't seen yet

Platform development


We will make full use of cutting-edge technology to create completely new services that have never been offered before.

Main Services

1-click to be contracted with the consultant you desire

・Skills map and video to understand the person of the consultant

・You can order and receive orders through the entire process without going through sales.

Automate your interviewing process

・Successfully reduced the work hours of the recruiting team by utilizing the system internally.

・In the future, AI-based interviewing will be realized, and we are improving it every day in China and Japan for external sales.